1. Just the other day i tweeted that the iphone was looking more and more like a monolith, and in fact listening to years of Jony Ive in promo videos where he extols the virtues of his designs and the inspiration and motivation behind them, one can not be faulted for thinking that the monolith is indeed what apple strives for. Along that train of thought, I started googling the monolith and lo-and-behold I found a blog entry by a random person that predates my own musings by 2 years that basically said the same thing. This is more comical than my post, but same thought nonetheless. 



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    MARKETING PERSON:  This is, like totally defensible, right?


    MARKETING:  But it’s a honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

    COMMON SENSE:  No.  It’s exploiting those who are less fortunate than the rest of us.

    MARKETING:  But —

    COMMON SENSE:  No.  Stop being a fucking asshole.

    MARKETING: How else would we get Wi-Fi to the masses?

    COMMON SENSE:  I thought I said to stop being an asshole.

    I have absolutely no problem with this. homeless man gets money, people get internet. How is this exploitation??

    It’s treating homeless people like objects. We already treat them like objects. Although this screams exploitation I think the biggest issue here is “Short-changing people in trade”. Will these people be making a livable wage for working as a mobile hot spot? I highly doubt that. It’s just gross.

    How is it that people don’t care when people wear hotdog suits to sell hotdogs at parks and such all the time, but everyone is up in arms when people wear 4G hotspots and sell radio waves? 

    Of course these people are not gonna make a living wage doing this - but they were making nothing before! I’m not saying that, as a permanent fixture in our cities, we should have homeless people performing these jobs… but this was a music festival for god’s sake! 

    People need to chill…

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  3. Following multiple reports claiming Apple was working with suppliers and manufacturing partners to develop a new 15-inch MacBook Air, it now looks as though the rumored slim 15-inch laptop is part of a redesigned MacBook line that will also include a 13-inch model.

    well this was easy to see all along. MG seigler recently posted an article about how apple was slaying the optical disc with their macbook air, iPad and apple TV combo. Now that its increasingly obvious to everyone that discs have no place in this completely digital world, there is no need to burden the 15” macbook with a disc drive and hard drive. Logically, they will disappear and battery life will be increased dramatically. 

    I’d also wager that the next iMac line may benefit from such engineering.  </rant>

  4. I love (hate) seeing headlines like these. My interpretation: iPad has gone mainstream already. You don’t see people lining up for days at a macbook pro or windows 7 releases. But massive numbers of people still buy those products. And I think people have now realized that apple reliably releases a new version of the device around the same time every year, so there really is no need to go line up to get one. People are probably calmer about the whole situation. 

    Anyways, all told, the funny thing is that this new iPad will outsell the original iPad and the iPad 2 come the end of the quarter. And this website will just report on another blockbuster earnings quarter for apple and how the stock is getting dangerously close to $1000 a share, without a moments thought to how silly this article is. 

  5. Found this chart on asymco.com in an article comparing the new iPad to the macbook air of four years ago. It’s generally a fair comparison, but…

    1) The 2008 macbook air actually had an ambient light sensor as well to automatically adjust keyboard backlight and screen brightness. 

    2) Crude Geolocation is possible to do via software if the computer is connected to the internet. 

    But I’m nitpicking here. There’s no doubt that progress is not linear - it is usually exponential. The website comes to the conclusion that the technological gap between the two platforms is about 4 years. This is an interesting conclusion. 

    "The new iPad now exceeds the total display resolution, has similar speed and storage capacity while having twice the battery life of the thinnest laptop of four years ago. It also has very high quality cameras and GPS and cellular network connectivity which have yet to appear on mainstream PCs. It’s still a lot smaller and half the price and has a larger selection of available software titles at prices a fraction of its elder cousin."

    Well, I’d actually argue that the main advantage the iPad has over the mac is that of better, higher quality software. Because the iPad is such a clean sheet design, borrowing only what it absolutely has to borrow from the mac and no more, it is able to become a highly optimized, zero-legacy platform. This is something the mac can no longer do as an aging and wider-spectrum (all types of different hardware configurations to deal with) platform. There are only 3 iPad generations, with each only having 2 major hardware configurations in terms of connectivity. This makes managing and writing the software that much easier and better. iPad also deals in a whole new paradigm of computing based on natural interactions (direct multi-touch and, now, voice) which are simpler, and thus add to its advanced-ness.

    The problem for Asymco is that its is usually hard to quantify gains coming form software improvements. iOS has made possible (in fact, necessary) for us to have iCloud, for example. This adds a lot of quality to one’s computing, but its not easy to compare the gains from the old days when we had macs and no iCloud. 

    In conclusion, it seems to me that the gap is probably narrower than 4 years. I’d say maybe 2, or 3 at the most.


  6. Rant about abortion, contraception, and related law

    Judging by our politics, America is the ultimate welfare state. How can such retarded policy makers and their supporters be so prosperous and so technologically advanced if they weren’t being carried by a small minority of really smart people who obviously must get irritated every time they hear of the other 99% and their “Values” ??


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    When asked why The Bodyguard was pulled from Netflix streaming following Whitney Houston’s death, Dan McDermott got the following response from a Netflix rep:

    I just went and talked to my main supervisor as to why the movie had been pulled and the reason it was pulled was the production company pulled the streaming rights from us because all the publicity after Whitney Houston’s passing there was an opportunity to make really a very large amount of money on the DVD sales of her movies. So they’re going to pull all the streaming titles we have of Whitney Houston so they can make more money off the DVD sales of her movies.

    What fucking scumbags. Not Netflix, which sadly has no control over situations like this, but the movie studio. 

    It seems like Hollywood is eyeing two business models in order to preserve their precious DVD sales (which are tanking more each day):

    1) Make it basically impossible to rent a film. It used to be that you could rent a movie the day it came out for sale on DVD. Then it was 30 days later. Now it’s 56 days later. And you can’t even think about renting the films for 28 days.

    As a reminder, torrents currently have no such window.

    2) Hope and pray that big time stars die to temporarily boost sales. And instead of doing everything in you power to ensure that fans have easy access to remember the stars they cherished, pull all access except for the most expensive and limited variety in order to maximize profits.

    I’m sorry but this is just business.  If you liked The Bodyguard so damn much, you had 20 years to buy it/watch it. Why do people feel so damn entitled to art for free? When someone fixes your car, they’re doing their craft, should you be able to have it fixed for free? The DVD sales will make Whitney’s estate money for the work she did on this movie - I don’t see the problem. Yes, it is a necessary “evil” that the studio distributing it also makes money in the process, but that’s just how it works for these globally distributed major films. No one’s stopping you from picking up a guitar and entertaining yourself for free, but if you want big budget entertainment, you’re ignorant to think you deserve it for nothing. 

    This is ridiculous. nobody asked to be given a copy of the bodyguard for free. But everyone knows that discs are an outmoded form of distributing media and there are so many wonderful things (both for distributors and customers) to come out of the streaming/downloading options that it would be foolish to try and delay the swich-over from happening.

    All MG is asking for is - don’t make it hard to rent a movie just because a star has died. And furthermore, don’t make it hard to rent movies period. 

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  8. aaaaarrrrgghhhh

    So, I just did in 2 hours what has been taking me (and still not fully working) 2 months!! This is all down to the fact that comsol is native on PC but runs atop java on mac/linux. On my macbook, the GUI itself is unbearable unstable. but I struggled with it and made it work (somewhat) b/c of the convenience of using a macbook. But I finally gave up yesterday and moved my work to the PC in the office, and its incredibly smooth even though the PC is a pentium 4 Dell! I’m pissed right now, understandable… this has been slowing my work down to a snail’s pace. And I come in today and boom… all done!

    c’est la vie